david's preschool christmas program

This being our first year at this school, I had no idea what was meant by "Christmas Program." I only knew that it was in his actual classroom and the date. He told me that he had gotten a sticker for actually singing in school one day so I knew that there would be songs (four of them, he told me). 

And so it was that on his final day of school Matt and Dom and I headed in to David's school with pretty low expectations. At his Thanksgiving thing David covered his face the entire song and then ran to me crying after so... anything above that would be a success. He had tried to get out of school that day, saying his belly hurt, his eye hurt, his knee hurt. That he was too sick to go. When reminded that today was also his gift exchange his eyes brightened up and he said okay so I'll go! 

The kids filed in all in a line, standing on little pieces of tape with their name on it. They sang a song about shaking a Christmas Tree, S-A-N-T-A, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Followed by singing Happy Birthday to Jesus Himself. David never took his eyes off us, his entire body turned towards Matt and I while the rest of the class faced his teachers. Ah well, at least he sang! And there were no tears! And there were smiles!
Afterwards there were cookies and I got to chat briefly with his teacher... Seems that David is quite quiet at school, which really surprises me. I'd love to hear more and I'm hoping they have some sort of conference thing. Fascinating, how kids act when they are away from parents! And as a side note there is nothing on his face it's a stupid injury my lens on my iPhone acquired and I guess it's there to stay.
David got a scarf from his teachers that I mean, look how stinking cute he is in it right?!!? He also got a book about a tractor saving Christmas. The parents got a gingerbread man ornament that David decorated, an ornament with reindeer fingerprints, and a lovely foot sleigh and hand print reindeer painting. I just eat up all the personalized gifts like that. Someday when his feet are massive and all gross man feet I'll remember his once little boy feet, making me a green sleigh at pre-k.
Starting the new year David will have extended days at school... Just two days a week, where he will eat lunch there and get used to being away from us a bit longer. All of this in hopes to ease the transition next fall when he heads to kindergarten. For both of us. But mostly me. I wanted him home another year but that's just not fair to him. He's just so smart Jen-nay. Two kids in public school. Gone from me from 7:15- 2:20. What. Will. I. Do.

Cry. And then probably smother Dominic in hugs and love.