christmas morn, part i

Letty was up at 4:30 a.m. First because of the spider that she says she saw in her room. Then she informed me that she saw Santa's shadow! He was at her door checking on her but she was too scared to look at him so she just saw his shadow. Which at first I was like awh that's nice sweetie! Then as I woke up a bit more I started to wonder who's shadow she did see, exactly? At which point Matt and I were up anyways so we just sort of resigned ourselves to our fate. Dom woke up shortly after 6:30 having peed through everything on his person and in his bed. Which explains why he isn't in matching Christmas pjs. This was also when I did my first load of laundry for the day. We let David sleep till just about 7 before deciding to get this show on the road... He was like waking the dead. That  boy loves his sleep and I so love him for it! Anyways down they came! Gifts were opened! One at a time, all at once. But at least it wasn't a free for all!
Letty got a Spy Squad Barbie and corresponding motorcycle (dangerous!), Shopkins, Shopkins underwears, pink and purple Lincoln Logs Country Meadow Cottage and goggles. David got a Spencer Engine, his beloved Spencer, a transforming Blaze Firetruck, Blaze underwears, goggles, a Superhero Cape and Mask Set. And lastly Dominic got the Paw Patroller Airplane, a Thomas Trackmaster, a Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Percy to the Rescue, a Take and Play Thomas, The Good Dinosaur figurine set. Needless to say David wanted all of Dominic's toys. All the time. A tale as old as time, I fear.

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