candle light snowman, a diy

Every year, we try and do a "kid" ornament. I say "kid" because we all know this means an awful lot of work on the mom's parts, right? Well and Matt's too because then he has to watch whatever kid isn't doing their ornament. But we are super in to our traditions. This year my mom found this idea on Pinterest, a light turned snowman (snowwoman) ornamnet. So cute right!? She had all the pieces cut to size and prepped and ready to go for us so that as soon as dinner was over we could get to business. The business of gluing. 
You'll need:
A hot glue gun
Pipe cleaners
Pom poms (my mom just made the "muff" section by rolling up pipe cleaners so this wasn't necessary)
Black or gray felt
Ribbon for the scarves (and a little for the top hat)
Black Sharpie
Small bells
Ribbon for hanging.

Letty drew her eyes on herself but I preferred to do the boy's myself. That done, I hot glued the ribbon to hang the ornament on to the top. For the girl snowwoman I just placed the ear muff pipe cleaner over it when I glued that on. This entire ornament just involved a lot of gluing. For Letty's I glued on the ear muffs first. Then the muff part. Then while that was cooling I glued the ribbon so it would act as a scarf and also glued the bell on that as well. Then once all was set I just glued around the top of the scarf and placed the light right on top.

For the boy's I glued the three pieces of the top hat together and then glued that onto the light. Then repeat above for the scarf. I wish that I had drawn the eyes lower closer to the nose for these because I didn't have a ton of surface area for gluing. Ah yes. You live, you learn.
Also don't forget to write the date on the back! And names, if you have more than one doing the same gender.

Thanks so much mom for not only coming up with the idea but providing us with all the supplies! All set to go too! Who's better than her!?