beauty and the beast, live!

Ever since little miss Letty was two, her Uncle T would take her (and me, of course) to the musicals his school would perform. The first year it was Beauty and the Beast, then Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat, then Phantom of the Opera (Matt had the honor of attending that one since Dom had a bottle aversion) followed by Into the Woods. It's our thing we do. And we just love it. Letty talks about it the entire year long and she truly is a gem during the show. She just likes to watch performances!

Well this show wasn't at my brother's school, this time it was at the Fulton Opera House, so it was her first legit show, one she has been waiting for since last spring when Uncle T told her about it. We had dinner before hand at Character's Pub and she just felt like the biggest girl ever. All dressed up and eating with three other grown ups and all of that. She tried chili and sweet potato fries too, a first! We got to see Lancaster all prettied up for Christmas... Then we walked over to the Fulton for the show. All courtesy of John and Sadie!
At one point during the song all about Gaston she leans over to me and whispers, "I'm really in to this!" I remember wondering if she would be able to fit on my lap at the next show and well I can assure you she does still fit, even if it may be slightly uncomfortable for me, not that I'm complaining. But these seats were fantastic because there was no one in front of her. She could lean forward and peer down over the balcony and have herself a great uninterrupted view. After the show (which ended at 10:30! On a school night!) Letty wanted to know if Belle and Beast were really married? She also thought that Lumiere was just so silly! She laughed real hard when he was showering Belle's arm with kisses. Oh that Lumiere...

Another successful musical in the books! Thanks again for this guys! She enjoys it so much and you know I do too!

Oh and hey! Happy birthday dad! Hope your day is just amazing!