annual trovato cookie baking day

The Monday after Christmas, how forlorn that makes me! I hope everyone had just the best weekend, full of cheer and family and food and all of that! Lucky for everyone I still have a bunch of Christmas posts up my sleeve so we can just pretend a bit longer shall we? 

On a day last week, as tradition dictates, my sister and my mom (we missed you Ash!) got together to bake those cookies. Bake them good. Matt had Dom at home napping and I let the bigger kids join in, although I may not allow that next year. The incessant rounds of when can we use the sprinkles were quite deafening. We made four different types, sugar cookies (recipe here), peanut butter kiss cookies, spritz almond cookies (recipe here) and cinnamon roll cookies (recipe here). I ate my fair share of dough and we listened to Christmas music and I barked orders at my kids. The things that the holidays are made of am I right? Letty took her camera duty quite seriously, which I love. And sorry mom the only photo of you involved you waving a rolling pin? Who knows how Letty solicited that from you.... 
And now we get to just eat whatever ones are left after my parent's party! Lucky us!

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  1. those candy cane cookies!!!!! those look adorable!!! and oh i'm with you... can't believe it's over!! waaa!! i hope your christmas weekend was wonderful, my friend!!

  2. you know i love all your cookies! the candy cane ones take the cake. and anything with almond. i tried to get my mom to bake some but alas. she was overwhelmed with hosting 16 people for a long weekend.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Cinnamon roll cookies?! Gotta try that recipe! And those candy cane cookies are sooo good if I recall. :)

  4. Traditions are my jam! Especially ones that involve tasty treats. :) The cookies all look so good!


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