a fitz family tradition - gingerbread houses!

Every year since I can remember we have been combining forces with our Fitzs to make ourselves some gingerbread houses. When I say combining forces what I really mean is that Steph does all the work, and we just show up, sometimes bringing a bottle of wine (we are just the worst friends, right?). She has everything purchased and prepped, graham crackers pre-glued to milk containers on plates and other plates full of assorted candies that make most children's blood sugar sky rocket by just seeing them. This year she also had little elf aprons for each of them, cute little light up gingerbread ornaments and new Christmas books! She's just so good, right?
The kids just really go crazy on these things, icing everywhere! One candy for the house one candy for the belly, that sort of thing. Dom actually did better than I expected which is an unusual surprise... He even posed so proudly with his house with the bigger kids. Sometimes (a lot of times) I underestimate that boy...
And I feel its important to point out that all four of the sprinkle containers Steph got for the event were empty at the end of it.  

Thank you so much to our Fitzs! 

Past gingerbread house nights, 2015. 2014. 2013.



  1. seriously the cutest - and dom posing too! it's like he's growing up :) what a lovely tradition!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. This is such a cute tradition! I'm hoping I can create holiday traditions for our kids with friends

  3. Now this is just so cute!!! The patience that you all posses is quite incredible! Seriously! Can you email me some of that? I have moved painting to the outdoors just to give my kids all creative freedom from their OCD mother. LOL

  4. What a special tradition you guys have going on! Where did she find those adorable elf aprons? Last year Mason ate more candy than he put on his Gingerbread house, but this year was opposite. Color me surprised. You all are adorable!

  5. Look at Dom! he looks so proud! I'm having anxiety looking at all these pictures...Steph is a saint! haha


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