a community christmas

Last weekend a local church had their first Community Christmas, a free event boasting all sorts of lovely things for the kids to go and experience. I felt so under prepared for this event. I think I was sort of expecting a bust, like the year my mom and I thought we had found a new live nativity? But man was I wrong. This event was intense. There were so many people there which was great! There was so much to do! So much to see! Prizes to be won and crafts to be made and movies to be watched and cookies to be eaten and and and and and!

We were joined by my mom, sister and family and sister-in-law and her mom and Mikayla as well. We registered, got our tickets, and took to prize choosing! Ashley actually won something which was pretty cool. They had something like 13 fully decorated trees around that were prizes as well. They had music and people dressed like carolers. They had a Saint Nicholas who tried to emphasize this was the season of giving not getting to which my children responded with nothing but dull eyed stares. Dom got pretty close to him only because he was attempting to climb onto the throne.. baby steps. The bigger kids worked on a craft or two while Dom colored with my mom... and then we decided that we would head outside to the wagon ride to see a few stations set up with Christmas through the ages type things, ending with a little live nativity. Complete with a calf born the day before!
It was quite chilly outside and I knew there was the arrival of Chinese happening soon back at my parents so we took off right after the ride ended. But hey! An event living up to it's promise! My kind of event!