a christmas eve cocktail party

As per the tradition in our family, my parents host a cocktail party each and every Christmas Eve. Good eats, good drinks, good friends and neighbors and family. The more the merrier! We dress up and we mingle and the kids play and it's just all in all a good time. This year we had quite the kid space in the basement now that the three youngest of the Trovatos are old enough to stay up late with the rest of us. My dad even installed a camera over the play area so that the parents upstairs could spy on the children below. 

Once the party got in full swing I pretty much planted myself at a table within sight of my children playing and enjoyed catching up with old friends. I tried to get Letty to go up with my camera and take some photos of the adult area upstairs, so some of these are hers. And as you can see she preferred to take photos of children and inanimate objects rather than the grown ups she is unfamiliar with. Maybe next year there will be a segregation... kids below, adults above. No supervision required! But then I remember who my father is and know that day is far away. So for now! The class system continues!

We made it until a little shy of 10:30 before deciding that it was now or never and we must flee! The children's energy levels were what we all deemed to be near peaking so it was for the best. I read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to the kids in the van on the way home just to hurry up bed time... David put out the cookies and Letty put out the milk and Dom just screamed at his shoes and then straight to bed.

At which point you know the drill... Matt carries down the box of wrapped gifts, I arrange them, followed by a glass of wine and then to bed, we said.
That's just the prettiest sight, I think.

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