a birthday bass pro santa

Last week on Dom's birthday, I was trying to find something fun to do with all the kids to sort of celebrate the day for him. I originally planned on going to Hersheypark but the windchill made the air outside somewhere in the single digits so anything outdoors was ouuuuut. So that's when I settled upon trying my hand once more at Bass Pro Shops and their Santa. Now my entire family and I had attempted this the week prior and were extremely disappointed. They changed the rules this year and none of us were aware that you absolutely needed a ticket to see Santa. So when we showed up at 6:30 on a week night and were told that no, we couldn't see him that night we were quite peeved. Especially since we drove 45 minutes to get there. Such a bummer! But on Dom's birthday Matt so happened to have a meeting up in that general vicinity so he ran over in the early afternoon and got us a ticket for 4:30 that very same day. It was going to happen for us this time!
I brought the kids up early so we could get all the fun stuff done before seeing Santa. They rode the carousel a bunch, colored some pages, sat on four-wheelers, shot a bow and arrow, you know, the typical let's go see Santa activities. 
Matt joined us with the ticket and on line we were. I'm not sure I get the whole ticket thing because we still were in line for a half an hour? But regardless we saw Santa. He said not a word, just posed for the photos and off we went. I knew that Dom would never go and sit on his lap so a family photo was had. Dom actually looked towards the camera and dare I say, smiled? It was a Christmas Miracle. They gave us a pretty nice frame too for our troubles so I guess I'll forgive a less than happy Santa.
We stopped at McDonald's on the way home as the final treat for Dom on his big day and then he opened up his presents at home. We gave him a big Arlo stuffed animal, a Blaze all his own and this track town type situation that is quickly becoming the most favorite toy in all the playroom. I know that he won't remember it, but I just wanted to do something special for him on his actual birthday. Windchill aside, I think I succeeded.

Last year's Bass Pro visit here.



  1. Denied to see Santa?! That shouldn't be allowed and your the second person this week that has told me about an experience like this! At least you were able to go back, way to go Matt! Looks like you all had a great time and that pic turned out great! P.S your top/sweater: love! Gimmie. I want. :)

  2. oh man you guys are champs!!! attempt #2 after all that driving!! love the success story!!! yay!!! this is on my list to do next year... wonder if they made all of them need tickets?!

  3. Wow still can't believe he's two! I guess the nice thing about tickets with a time is no waiting in line! Now you've got it all figured out for next year, unless they change the rules again!!

  4. so cute. i cannot believe dom is actually kinda smiling! friggen hershey. almost wrote disney. where is my head? ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Such a bummer that you guys didn’t get to see Santa the first time! So glad it worked out this time. I love that you all got in the Santa picture. Your Bass Pro Shop has a carousel? Ours totally needs to step it up! Ha. Precious pictures!!


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