when your best friend turns EIGHT

Letty's best friend is Avery. This was pretty much decided for her before she was even born. Avery has been around since there was no Letty. She was around when there was just the belly. She napped in Letty's room before Letty ever did. And even though she is two whole years older than Letty, she's always been just awesome to her. Over the weekend Avery turned eight. A whole eight years. And while I could wax nostalgic all about that and the feelings it gives me, I'll spare you all more of my emotional rampages (but she was juuuuuust so little! I could fit her in the crook of my arm! She used to be this bald little nugget! Now she's almost as tall as me! Overnight! Sniff.)

Looking through these photos though it makes it seem like the party wasn't the Avery show, it was her new cousin's, the Bennett show. Which I mean..... baby fever just comes with the territory when you are adorable and edible as Bennett is. Sorry Avery, I mean I love you dearly, but babies just have a special appeal that I know you relate too.

Matt and I told the kids that they had better behave unlike at Liam's party otherwise we would be uninvited from any further Fitzgerald Family Functions. Capital. F. For once, these not so veiled threats worked and the kids actually behaved themselves. And let me just say that it is amazing to me to see Avery get so excited to get a book as a gift and then to see her curl up on the couch with everyone around and just start reading it. Love a book worm Avery!
Happiest of birthdays Avery! 

We missed her seventh birthday party when we were in Disney but her sixth birthday here, and fifth here!