what we do to celebrate ten years

We thought long and hard about what to do for our tenth anniversary (which was the end of October). And if we were different type parents with money to burn we would have been sitting in a piazza in Rome eating pasta and drinking the casa rosa and just loving life. But we don't like to leave our kids, and we don't have money to burn. And so a non-international date was decided upon. We asked my parents to come and watch the kids and chose a lunch day date so that Dom would be napping for them most of the time. 

I even put on real pants. I know.

We had lunch at the Cork and Cap, which was really just a fantastic place, exposed brick and beams and lots of wrought iron stuff. Really loved that! We had lunch and I had quite a few fall themed drinks before heading off to another spot for some more drinks. Oh the freedom of not having three little beings to buckle and unbuckle and entertain!
Our last stop on the tour de tenth anniversary was at the Vineyard at Grandview. We didn't do a tasting, just grabbed a bottle of their chardonnay and took it out on the deck to enjoy their grand view and soak up a little of that unseasonably warm October sun.
It may not have been Italy, but it sure was nice to get away for a few hours and just be, just the two of us. Thanks mom and dad for taking our crew for us! We are so lucky we have you!



  1. Oh this is heavenly! I am so glad you guys got some time to yourselves!

  2. love that winery yes i do. and again happy ten years! and dare i say it but i see heels! hot momma. :)

  3. Not having to pop kids in and out of the car sounds like a dang vacation. Who needs Italy? And I only have one kid currently. But I hate the unbuckle buckle part of going anywhere. Also eating uninterrupted style, sounds really great.

  4. this still sounds like an amazing way to celebrate 10 years! sometimes jetting off to italy just isn't realistic. like, all the times. haha.

  5. this is absolutely the PERFECT way to celebrate!!!! 10 years is such a wonderful milestone!!!! i love this so much and it's exactly what we would do. also, your booties!!! love your boots!!!!

  6. Oh the food and drinks looks delish! and love the boots by the way! :)


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