trick or treat!

Ah I'm well aware that Halloween seems like forever ago.... especially if you happen to get a glimpse inside my house and see the scads of Christmas decorations dripping from every surface. But it was just shy of two weeks ago.... And I'm late to the game in getting these photos up. Better late than never I always say!

As we always do we had the family over for dinner, Matt spoiled us this year with some lasagna, and then we do the whole rush of getting the kids in their layers and their costumes. I know I'm never one to want to rush things with the kids but man, I kept thinking how someday they can just get themselves dressed nice and warm and I'll be sitting there under a ceiling fan with my feet up and a glass of wine just watching in silence. Someday. But this day was not such a day. I was sweating by the time I got to David and don't even get me started on the sweat situation when I got to Dominic. He just loved his Hulk costume. I hadn't expected him to even wear it at all, picking out the green shirts he has in his arsenal instead. But I so wanted him to be in the cousin costume shot so I figured hell, this is it. Go big or go home. I got him in costume and my mother swiftly rescued him to the cooler outdoor air while I gathered my wits. By the time I got out there he was calm and even let us take his photo! Nonna's just work their magic don't they? Their special Halloween soothing please look at the camera magic. 
We took off like a shot for trick or treating. The bigger kids wanted to run ahead and the little ones toddling along in their many layers behind them. Dom maintained that the candy could not leave his clutches, and so he held on to as much as he could until he could no longer take more candy, and only then would he relinquish his goodies to the wagon full of other goodies. Minus the Heath Bar that Matt wanted. That candy bar he held on to for the entire evening just for spite.
We got ourselves quite a lot of candy as is the usual in this development. We let the kids have two pieces of candy each and then scrubbed their teeth and sent them off to bed! Oh yes, and the bottom layer under their costumes was their pajamas. I'm nothing if not efficient.
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