the cat in the hat knows a lot about cruising

Hey, hey November! Time is moving on and yet I'm still knee deep in cruise related business. I dig it sister, I dig it.

We sailed on the Carnival Pride. Now quite possibly this whole Dr. Seuss thing the ship has going on is company-wide, I can't really speak to that but it's probably a good bet. They had a Dr. Seuss Parade which involved a whole lot of noise and pom poms and cut outs and yelling "Seuss is on the loose!" over and over. Apparently he is running for President. And as the cruise director said, he doesn't use emails and he can climb over walls. Ba dump dump. After the parade they had a reading of Cat in the Hat complete with you guessed it, an appearance by the Cat in the Hat himself! They did face painting too... and Letty voted in her first presidential election! 
On the final morning they had a Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast. There was a $5 fee per person to go which I think was totally worth it. They had decorated the dining room in all things Seuss and the food was themed out the wazoo. David hated every second of the food but they did bring him CT Crunch so it was not all lost. There was also a visit from Thing 1 and Thing 2, Cat in the Hat and Sam I Am, as well as a short musical number by the staff. Super fun if you ask me. 
So yeah, that nixy Cat? He knows a lot about cruising.



  1. haha this is too cute. a lot of colorful food though and i don't know how i feel about that. perfect for kiddos!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Can you believe it’s already November? What the what? Dr. Seuss is fun. “he doesn’t use emails and he can climb over walls” <<< hilarious! I love that they had a themed breakfast. And $5 is not bad at all. I mean, think about how much Disney charges for themed breakfasts with characters (ridiculous)! Adorable pictures.

  3. So fun!! Love the picture of Dom with blue all over his face haha

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