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Remember, remember, the Third of November... Or is it the fifth? I think it's the fifth of November. Anyways.
So. Here we are, another month come and gone and we are into the very cusp of the best time of the year. My calendar is starting to look even more intense than the usual, I've been listening to Michael Buble's Holiday Station on Pandora for over a week now, and I would be lying if I said that I hadn't started decorating.... because I have. Not just have I started but I'm quite close to finishing actually. Just the big tree and the garland going up the steps.... okay and exterior illumination. I should have jumped on that yesterday when it was in the 70's but as much as I don't mind flying my freak flag high here on this lovely part of the internet I don't need my neighbors to know it as well. They already have to deal with the incessant yelling all day long coming from Dom and I. I'm sure about 75% of you just hate me for doing this so early... but it takes a lot of work to decorate. And I really like to just sit and stare at it. And I can't help it, it's practically in my DNA.

You know what's sort of a shocker in the holiday decor shopping department? H&M! Who knew? Last year I got a few pillow covers there and I just love them. Super affordable too. Debating this cover.... Or this.

With all this holiday decorating happening Matt and I had to do some storage overhaul downstairs in the unfinished part of the basement... Also with all the redecorating I've been doing lately (read: dining room, master bathroom, powder room) I have accumulated quite the large amount of crap. Perfect condition, not my style, crap. So I took to using Facebook Marketplace to start selling things. Yours truly has officially made $76 on this endeavor. I list and post and communicate with the buyers, and Matt makes the drop since I have a fear of assault. What will I be spending my newly obtained fortune on you may wonder? Well well, I'll tell you, fear not. Letty's bed was kindly on loan from my sister all these years until her future child should need to use it, and well, Lena will need it soon. So now we will be stalking Black Friday sales for the best deal on a mattress and box spring. She's excited. Anything new is exciting for kids right?

Have you heard of the Pentatonix? Their rendition of Hallelujah came across my Facebook feed the other day and I'm obsessed now. I mean I knew of them before but they really are something, aren't they? They make music using only their mouths. And apparently had an appearance in Pitch Perfect..... Enough said.

I started volunteering every Friday in Letty's class. Helping out with something the teachers these days refer to as "kid led writing." Now, I may not know my multiplication tables or be very good with grammar, but I consider myself a sort of smart, educated individual. But Letty's kid led writing? Lost. I mean. What? It's amazing, don't get me wrong, once I had it explained to me. But the thought that my six year old was doing something in school that I had no clue how to do is a major humbling experience. And yup. I know. We've only just begun. Just wait until she needs to learn her multiplication tables. Hashtag ask your father.

Who has started singing the Turkey Song? David informed me that he did not like that song but I sure do. I hear Adam Sandler keeps updating it occasionally through the years but I think the original is just the bee's knees.

I've sort of recently learned that David has learned the Pledge of Allegiance. Which makes me feel so much better about his preschool a bit. Preparing him for what's to come next year in every little way possible. He likes to throw an extra "yay God!" at the end of it and that's just fine with me. Speaking of God and David, on the cruise he asked his Nonna who made the moon and she responded with "God" and he said... "who's God?" Talk about a punch to the gut and guilt that came flooding in after that sort of bombshell. I was a bit surprised because he's been read Bible stories often throughout his life, he's gone to church, he goes to a Christian preschool and he's sat through about a zillion meal-time prayers so.... What gives? Matt and I totally slacked this summer and early fall with church, getting out of the habit is easy but getting back into it is hard. So we are resolved. At least twice a month is our goal. No more of this "who is God" business allowed. No sir. Last Sunday was our first time back and the kids were just pleased as punch to see familiar faces from school in the Sunday School class. 

I am about 86% done with my Christmas shopping. That's correct. And can you believe that I'm actually behind schedule? For me anyways.  I've still got a few hard to buy for people that are holding me back from being totally done, but having a huge chunk of it underway is super helpful for the overachiever such as myself. Courtesy of Amazon Prime of course. And my dad for letting me use his account.

Guess who has started saying please and thank you!? I bet you can't guess...... It's a shocker, most of all to me. Dominic! He doesn't say much, to be sure. But every now and again a new word pops out. These three words have been just the best to hear. Now I'm working on hearing I love you. It can't be that hard right? Whenever I ask him to say I love you he just smiles and saunters over and gives me the best hug around the neck. So I know he gets it, at least.

Well so. How about a post the first week of November being all Christmas'ed out?! What is new with all of you? Anyone else decorated for Christmas yet? Anyone??

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