scenes from a final fall fire

I had these grand aspirations of having fires outback all fall long... But with early bed times and schedules and all my fall activities and the like we just never got around to it. Until the last Saturday in October, when the weather was gorgeous and we took full advantage of said gorgeousness.

We skipped your typical indoor dinner and brought the food outside, cocktail wieners and marshmallows and leftover fries from the kid's lunch with Nonna and Poppop. They got to run around and climb and swing and just soak up a final backyard day, all under a most beautiful of sunsets. So pretty much, if I only got one fall fire in, I'm really glad it was this fall fire.
Farewell for now, fire pit. Hope you winter well!



  1. sad to say goodbye to such things but seriously this looks like the perfect night! love the last two shots :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Whoa, whoa. . . Why don't you use your fire pit in the winter? What am I doing wrong!?

  3. What a perfect evening! And friend, these pictures are so good!!

  4. gosh what a happy evening!!!! letty looks so grown up in those cute pants. and dom!!! those dom shots are priceless!!

  5. Awwh great pictures! Makes me feel like I was there! haha. Fall goes way too fast, especially when the kids are always sick. Not ready for winter! Boo!


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