pumpkin picking

And by picking I mean reaching down and picking up a previously picked and cleaned pumpkin from a field.

We normally do our pumpkin picking down at Cherry Hill Orchards, literally cutting a pumpkin from a vine, but this year we had a discussion and decided to try our hand at Oregon Dairy's Pumpkin Days. I did this last year so I was able to give everyone a run down of what was involved. We were joined by my parents and my sister and her family as well, per the usual. Before it even opened, also per the usual.

And let me just say that I forgot my camera. Not just my camera, no, but my entire diaper bag. This never happens, dare I say it, but this day it did. The one and only time my kids go to pick pumpkins in the year and I left my camera at home. I was so so so pissed at myself. So these are only iPhone photos which I guess it's a good thing I have my trusty iPhone. Lesson learned.

They have a free wagon ride out to the field they had just stocked full of pumpkins. There we carefully selected pumpkins for each kid, two for each. One to paint, one to carve. My dad made sure that we utilized the pumpkin chucker, that thing is actually really cool and well worth the $5 to chuck your own pumpkin. Although how the cows remain safe is beyond me?
Once back at the main barn the kids could play on hay bails, bounce, play with mini pebbles and dump trucks, paint their pumpkins, crawl through a straw tunnel, as well as several other activities that cost money that we did not do this day. 
Safe to say that had we not had our tenth anniversary date planned our kids could have stayed there for hours upon hours.

Last year's pumpkin run here. 2014. 2013.