pumpkin carving

We may no longer do a pumpkin for ourselves, but we still have to carve a pumpkin. They used to be quite the deal, fancy and done from a stencil type deal. Unless you were Rob in which case you made some creation just off the top of your head. The Death Star was my favorite of his, historically. But this year each kid got a small pumpkin of their own to carve, courtesy of Nonna and Poppop (thank you!). And when I say they carve what I really mean is we carve, unless you are Letty, in which case she carved the hell out of that pumpkin, even using a mallet and a cookie cutter! We decided to do it the old fashioned way too, freehand! No stencils!

David was totally turned off by the innards of the pumpkin and just wanted to draw on it and also stab it with the little saw. Dominic liked the idea in theory but took one look at what was happening up there on the table and moved on to higher pastures on Poppop's lap. My lovely nieces, those independent souls, got in to it as much as they could. Poor Mikalya was feeling a bit under the weather which is bad enough on a normal day, let alone a day when your cousins are all into doing something festive and crafty.
That last little photo was by Ashley, because she knows all the tricks.

Anyways as always these lovely little creations will be lining our driveway for all our trick or treaters..... or I should say they were because Halloween was quite a bit ago? Soooooo..... About that. Almost done with our Halloween posts around here... Almost.

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