hersheypark in the dark a second time around

And this time we went with our Fitzs. Back to school is hard on the nine of us, it always has been. There's just so much going on and we can't get together as often as we would like, but we get points for trying, right? The goal is to keep Friday just for what I fondly like to call our Fitz Fridays, as often as possible. It's not as easy as it once was, where I could pop my head out my back door and cat call Steph or when we could just take a quick walk around the development after dinner... Those days are long gone. Which really sucks if I focus on it so I try not to.... So long as we still have our Friday's, right?

And so on a Friday before Halloween we dragged our tired bottoms to Hersheypark. The week can take a lot out of us, but we rallied. I even let the kids stay out past their bedtime. I know. They definitely needed their coats but they did wear a bit of festive attire on their heads. Letty chose her Minnie Mouse headband and David his space man helmet. The park wasn't that busy and the kids were able to just basically walk right on to every ride, sometimes staying on multiple times. We got to see the lights better of course, and trick or treat once more. My kids were amped. Maybe it was the sugar high or maybe it was the fact they just really love their Fitzs... but I was glad to put them all to bed that night and put my own tired dogs up for some wine. 

Oh yeah did I mention this day was our actual anniversary?
Aren't they just the cutest?