happiest of thanksgivings to you!

Seriously! Happy Thanksgiving! People may not think I'm a super huge fan of the day, and well, you'd be mostly right. I don't like the turkey (gasp!) and I mainly just make myself up a plate of stuffing... I don't like football or eating until I can't breathe... And I know, I'm already decorated for Christmas. But what I am a fan of is spending the day with my family, visiting with the New Yorkers who make the trip down here to see us, and eating a lot of antipasta and drinking a lot of good wine. Now that is a day I can get behind. 

So however you spend your Thanksgiving, with or without turkey, I hope it's a great one! 

And now I'll leave you with photos of my family eating at the Thanksgiving table through the years... except that one year we took a tree photo... and the year 2008 where apparently I blacked out and took no photos.  I really must get better at this whole get everyone's face at the table bit. Let's make this the year, okay family?
Eleven years of Thanksgiving's past.... over and out!