happiest of thanksgivings to you!

Seriously! Happy Thanksgiving! People may not think I'm a super huge fan of the day, and well, you'd be mostly right. I don't like the turkey (gasp!) and I mainly just make myself up a plate of stuffing... I don't like football or eating until I can't breathe... And I know, I'm already decorated for Christmas. But what I am a fan of is spending the day with my family, visiting with the New Yorkers who make the trip down here to see us, and eating a lot of antipasta and drinking a lot of good wine. Now that is a day I can get behind. 

So however you spend your Thanksgiving, with or without turkey, I hope it's a great one! 

And now I'll leave you with photos of my family eating at the Thanksgiving table through the years... except that one year we took a tree photo... and the year 2008 where apparently I blacked out and took no photos.  I really must get better at this whole get everyone's face at the table bit. Let's make this the year, okay family?
Eleven years of Thanksgiving's past.... over and out!



  1. Family time is the best time! I hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving!

  2. Awh love this! always fun to look back at old pictures. And I have to say the third one down...the face Letty is making totally reminds me of a Syd face! Ha!


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