fall fest in elizabethtown

Facebook has just been wonderful lately, helpfully suggesting local events that I may enjoy. One such suggestion that came across through my sister-in-law's page was the Fall Fest at the Elizabethtown Fair Grounds. It was overcast and windy that day but we decided to go anyways, because not much does slow me down, if I'm being honest. I totally under dressed everyone but Letty though because wow was that wind biting! We went from shorts and tank tops on Thursday of that week to needing jackets. Mother Nature must be drunk.

Luckily for us we aren't the only crazy ones and my sister and Lena joined us, as well as my sister-in-law, Mikayla, and her parents as well. 

This place had all the crafts. And crafts bring all my kids to the yard. They made jack-o-lantern lanterns, colored pages, glued this, cut that, and it was actually quite worth the trip. They had different games too, ghost bowling and ring tosses and mini golfing. And there were little treats and candy along the way! They had a lot of other things too that cost money that we bi-passed, maybe next year! Except the haunted barn. Nope. Not ever. Although have you seen those images of people in haunted houses? Just love them. Always good for a laugh.
We stayed as long as our frozen fingers would allow before heading back into the van with the heat full force. It's jacket season my friends, best get used to it.



  1. wild that it's jacket season. also this looks fun. minus the corn in abundance. bc i know how you feel about that hahaha. but fun for the kids! woot woot

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Oh how fun! All the fall things make my heart so happy. I am jealous that it's jacket season for you guys. Texas is apparently all #summerforever

  3. I feel like we missed all of these fun fall things since my kids have been sick since September lol. Such is life!!


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