david's thanksgiving lunch... thing.

David's school stories are few and far between on here, which I don't like very much at all. We changed preschools with him so all of this is new to us yet again. At Letty's school the students made themselves little hats and got up in front of us and sang and it was adorable and then we got to have a little lunch of chicken nuggets and some apple sauce the students had made. It was great. 

So this year David's Thanksgiving Potluck Luncheon paper came home with him one day and the calendar was marked and my Lena day rescheduled and we signed up for food and went blindly into the unknown. Now as anyone who has ever met me in real life you probably snickered a little at the aforementioned word "potluck." That's one of my least favorite words. If anyone wonders where my son gets his picky eating you can pretty much point the finger right at yours truly. I hate everything about it. But as one does one goes to things for your kids that you would really rather not do. I was very happy to learn I could bring Dominic though! Even if that ended up being a mistake, as things are with him.

I found these photos on Facebook later in the day, apparently the class made pumpkin bread for the luncheon!
We arrived at the school and headed down to the basement where they had tables set up with turkeys the kids had made with all the things they were thoughtful for written on the feathers. I knew David's when I saw it because it said "corn" on one feather. We let Dom play on the little playset they have down there for rainy days and waited for other parents to arrive.
When it came time for the prayer that the little pre-k kids were to lead Dominic went nuts and Matt had to leave with him lest no one hear the adorable little song and prayer number. It was super short, over in a blink. David covered his eyes and lowered his head and then started to cry when he came over to me. Poor kid, I hated being in front of a group of people too. The sadness didn't last long once he learned that they had chicken nuggets, corn and chocolate chip cookies up there. They know his love language.
We ate and then we left. And in the immortal words of Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that.



  1. aw my sweet david. that photo of him smiling with that chick in the background. she looks terrifying. and potlucks. yeah. gross times a million. i deeply regretted participating in the one here this year. no mas. NO MAS.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Oh a potlock....but who is really lucky with those anyway? I always eat before, or right after. I'm a peach! Lol

  3. oh my this is sooo cute!!! i love that photo of your with your boy! and TOO funny! i am picky, too... but i loooove potlucks because it guarantees a million less-than-healthy options that i dob't have an excuse to make, myself, but will partake if someone else does!!! haha!!!

  4. Haha Oh yes can't wait to partake in these things one day, too! ;)


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