I feel like the blog has just been in catch up mode lately, reporting back what happened literally weeks ago.... which is fine, I mean it's my blog and one of the main reasons I have it around is because I like it for historical purposes (isn't it fun to look back three years ago and see what the kids were like? And then get all sad about it? Fun, right?). Anywho the blog is all caught up as of now but I thought why not do a little bit of rightthisverysecond. Otherwise known as... currently!

On the chalkboard: This is the final piece of my home that I have not changed over to Christmas decor. I know, I know. Lots of people think that I'm bananas and that's just fine, all God's children. But me and mine? We decorate before Thanksgiving. Well before Thanksgiving. Why, I'm sure you're asking yourself? Well, I just love it. And it's a ton of work. So I want to be able to sit and stare at my tree for the most nights that I can, you know? Raise your hand if you too like to sit and stare lovingly at your Christmas tree!
Reading: I'm so embarrassed with myself and with my reading lately. I have many books cracked open that I've walked away from and many on my bookshelf that I have yet to open at all. Plus there is The Cursed Child that I asked for from Santa that I just really really really hope I get and once that's in my clutches the rest of the books will stay sad and alone on the bookshelf. I need a reading intervention. Here's the rub though. I go to bed at something like 10 or 10:30 at night and I get up at 5:30 a.m to run. Come 1 p.m. when Dom is down for a nap and I have an hour where David is just like ahhhh solo train time and I could read I start to fall asleep! Me! Falling asleep reading! It's an issue.
Watching with Matt: Westworld. Matt doesn't like westerns, but this isn't a western, really. I hate when there is violence involving women but Kerri warned me ahead of time and told me I could get past the first episode that had a tiny bit of it and she was right. I did. I think I am on to something that may be happening.... I'll keep my theories to myself though.
Eating: Too much. I need to lock it up. If you say that like Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers you must be Kerri. Or Matt. But for dinner tonight we are really classing it up with pretzel sandwiches from David's school's fundraiser. That's a thing in our lives now... school fundraisers. We must really be adulting. Matt couldn't just let that lie and so he ended up whipping up some potato wedges and covering them in cheese and ranch. Sigh.
Drinking: I've been cheating on Dunkin Donuts. I know. But Matt got a gift card to Starbucks and so here we are. The Carmel Latte is my favorite but I haven't branched out further than that.And call me basic or whatever you would like but those red cups are just the most fun.
Planning: These next few weeks are just intense. From now till January our schedules are out there. Add in school activities and it's something to behold. I thrive on this sort of thing though! Busy days are happy days if you ask me. Which you didn't but there you have it.
Thinking about: Window treatments. Burlap ones to be exact. Maybe after the holidays I'll get some to just dampen the sting of holiday decor removal. The windows in question are the one in the dining room and the ones in the living room. I tend to value the living room ones more only because we are in that room the most but we shall see. They are naked naked naked just now. Do we think windows need treatments?
Watching on treadmill: Lost. It's probably my nine hundreth viewing and no I still am not totally sure just what's going on on that island but it's entertaining. If anyone else has any entertaining for running shows that are on Hulu or Netflix please (please!) let me know.
As I type this: The boys are actually playing nicely together lately! Maybe David has matured just a teeny bit or maybe Dom has learned to communicate somehow with him but man oh man! Light at the end of the tunnel? I see you!
Happy weekend all! Live it up!

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  1. love love this post. i should do one next week. YAS to westworld i mean this week's ep we both know about how that goes in the feels dept. and i'm eating all the things. but working out again is hopefully going to help. who knows. pray for me. i think burlap in dining room yes. and reading makes me fall asleep - always though. it's like 20 min and my eyes are heavy. I AM ASHAMED I AM OLD. now go lock it up. and text me later bc i miss you. kith bye

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Gingerbread from Starbucks. Doesn't matter if it's in iced coffee or a latte. Give it to me. GB is my PSL. When I finish my coffee, I pop in a starbright mint and my mouth tastes like Mrs. Claus' kitchen and I learn all the secrets of the universe including world peace.

  3. Love posts like these! Chris actually asked me the other night, that since we are moving very soon if I would pull out the Christmas stuff a little earlier this year. Nope. Two weeks into December is good right? LOL! And Chris is obsessed with Westworld. I count get into it, but I have been watching The Crown lately and I like it. Okay, don't hate me, but I can't do dunkin coffee. Please can we still be friends. I really don't even like Starbucks that much, but it is the only coffee drive thru we got around these parts. I snob over here!

  4. I'm here for your reading interventions: read!!! You can do it! lol right now we are watching This is Us which Mike and I really like, also Drunk History is on hula and hilarious!!!

  5. I could watch Lost 86 times and come to a completely different conclusion about what's going on every time.

  6. oh i miss lost!!!!! i don't know if i'm ready to go back to the island, though. that show took my emotions and stomped on them and i just didn't even get enough closure. but maybe one day!! seriously, best show ever.

  7. I wish I had more time to read, too. Well, when I do find the time I usually watch TV because reading takes too much effort! haha


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