christmas candylane

Christmas hits Hersheypark head on. Lights dripping from every tree, Santa is available at not one, but two places, Christmas music playing from every speaker, and well before Thanksgiving! I hadn't been to Candylane in seven years so I was sort of a newbie here. We used to go every single year after Thanksgiving when my cousins were still young and liked that sort of thing... but since then? Nada. 

And so it came to pass that on Thanksgiving Eve, we took the kids, along with my sister and her family and my parents (we really should just all build a commune and get a really big vehicle to drive around to all these shenanigans together)  to Candylane. The kids went on some rides, we had ourselves a dinner, Dom screamed at everything and nothing all together, and we looked at lights! Lots of lights. We met Santa and the reindeer too! Letty wants Shopkins, David wants Spencer, and Dominic wants no one to speak to him ever under any circumstances. Lena took a lollipop from the kind Santa but wouldn't cozy on up for a photo. All this and more with something like three or four layers of clothes on!
I'm sure we will be back. Like a lot. Sorry Matt... but it's here to stay. Until January that is!