christmas bucket list of 2016

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! But now! It is the best time of the year! I don't know if there'll be snow... but have a cup of cheer! And all that.

I'm notorious for just jam packing all of my time, but the last four months of the year are even more packed. I have already had my Christmas decorating and my Christmas shopping and my Christmas cards done for awhile because I just have an illness. And I like to get that stuff all done so I can just really enjoy all that this season has to offer.
- Visit Hersheypark's Christmas Candylane several times. The last time we went there we had just learned we were finally (!) pregnant!
- Help the kindergartners make holiday ornaments.
- Do some kind of kid-friendly ornament.
- Do some kind of adult-friendly ornament.
- Listen to nothing but the Michael Buble Holiday station on Pandora.
- Celebrate someone's second birthday. Not nearly as intensely.
- Cornelius. I'm not sure if he will be a thing for much longer. I mean with a six year old and a very inquisitive four year old I'm just not sure? Maybe it'll be something for just Dom?
- Red polish, always and forever.
- Write a letter to Santa times three!
- Hit up the Messick's tractor light show. As hickish as that sounds it's a favorite of mine.
- Have the kids rock matching Christmas pjs over and over! And get a photo of each kid in front of the tree.
- Visit Santa at the Bass Pro Shops. I can't believe we only learned of this last year because it is the best! Santa and a carousel and more!
- Torture my mother with a cookie baking day.
- Christmas Lights Driving Tours! We didn't "officially" do this last year per se, but I think it needs to make a come back.
- Celebrate my dad's birthday and my sister's birthday!
- Go to the Live Nativity
- Celebrate at my parent's annual Christmas Cocktail Party.

Did I miss anything? What's something you've got on your Christmas "bucket list?"



  1. My list looks much the same except it goes like this:

    1. Survive.
    3. Welcome a new nephew, Logan Ryan.
    4. Family.
    5. Friends White Elephant party!!!
    6. Find Miranda Lambert tixs in my stocking (I would have a coronary if that actually happened)

    I'm excited to have itty bitty bebe snuggles to welcome in the New Year!

  2. so much stuff - so exciting! i am rocking the red nails as we speak. only a v dark red. which is my kind of red ha. i want to do some traditions with you including rocking the festive pj's. yes and yes :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Oh my word! They are adorable and I just love that picture. This is a great list. Bass Pro Shops always have the best Santa's, hands down.

  4. Great list! this has got me all giddy with holiday spirit! haha. Christmas is so much more exciting when you have children, even my husband the scrooge seems more merry this year lol.


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