apple picking take two

Yes. I said I was going to do it again this season and so do it again I did. I had made Letty a promise, you see. And those sorts of things aren't good to back out of. Thankfully we had some free time on a Saturday that also happened to be the last Saturday the apples could be picked. How is it already November!? October was just a blip.

We went back to Masonic Villages again, because we do like it there. We had to pull up alongside the orchard and walk directly into the field and it was giving Matt and Beth and I flashbacks of the last time we picked in that exact same spot. Also on a cold gray day in October, just many many years before. Seven years, if my mind serves me right. I got quite a good giggle trying to recreate some of the photos we took the last time we were there, I'm so lucky Matt and Beth just play along with my antics. Because they do give me such joy. I'm always up for a laugh.
Here are some of the before and after recreated shots for fun... And also of course the updated ones, minus Colton!
Matt said we could only pick six apples and not a single one more because the last time they weren't all eaten. I think we left with eight but when you see how small they are then I think we came in under budget. Less than $3 worth anyways so... It's all good Matt.
Last apple picking here. Last year's here and here. 2014's. 2013's.