a truly trovato thanksgiving

Oh Thanksgiving. It took me the entirety of the weekend to recover! As per tradition, we were all over at my parent's house (those of us that could make it, ahem firefighter brother and his family, ahem) for antipasta and dinner. My uncle and aunt from New York came down with their families (those of them that could make it, ahem high school wrestling weigh-in, ahem) to celebrate with us. I went over early with the bigger kids while Matt stayed home with Dom during his afternoon nap. The kid climbs out of pack and plays now so napping anywhere other than his crib just isn't going to happen. I don't think Matt minded, he got a nap too and I saved him some anitpasta. Winner winner.

The antipasta is personally my favorite part of the meal. I usually eat all the things and then next to nothing the rest of the day. I did however carb up a little at dinner time to counteract the wine I had been imbibing in the entire afternoon. We broke open a bottle of Plymouth Bay wine that we had brought home from our summer vacation just for this occasion as well. My cousins did an excellent job of playing with my kids (always such a fan of that guys, thank you!) and whoever felt the need to watched football, as one does.
After dinner wrapped up we did the annual ringing of the bell and arrival of our elf, Cornelius. I can't believe that the older two aren't on to us at this point, with Matt ringing the bell and then sprinting around the house to the other entrance in time for us to open the original door? How is this a thing? The kids saw him, seemed excited, and then went back inside. Sort of anticlimactic for us. I'm telling you, this may be his last year.
Then there was more food...the lobster claws from a New York bakery? I started drooling just typing that.
After coffee and desserts we got the kids in their pajamas and headed on home for an early bed night for the boys, and a movie night with Letty for me. Matt and the rest of the guys (those of them that could ahem, poor Colton, ahem) went to go see a movie in the theater, like proper adults.

And just like that, another holiday come and gone. At least this year I nailed the family photo right?