a holiday home tour, part two

I'm back at it again! Moving right on to the main area of the house, our kitchen, eat-in kitchen, and living room. Pretty much where we are all the time.

First up our kitchen. This space looks nothing like it did last year since we have painted the cabinets, installed a back splash, and new floors. I was hesitant to hang up Christmas cards like I normally do until I remembered, painter's tape! That'll work just fine!

Cup of Cheer Printable: here.//Run Run Reindeer Printable: here.//Galvanized Tray: Sam's Club.//Santa Mug: Hobby Lobby.//Bottle Brush Trees: Target (last year)//Burlap Santa Ornament: Target (last year).//Red Ornaments: Dollar Tree.// Small Christmas Trees in Burlap: Target Dollar Spot.

And our living room. The black wall is new this year. Oddly enough the reason I let Matt paint that wall black was because I had seen a photo of a Christmas tree in front of a black wall and thought it looked awesome so.... I still think it does.
Sorry I can't link to more but so much of this stuff I've had for almost ten years or it came from my mom so...I've got quite the collection going on don't I?

Santa Crate: Target Dollar Spot//Pallet Tray: Handmade by Matt.//Lantern: my Grammy's//Birch Bark Tree: Handmade by me with a foam cone and birch bark ribbon.//Tobacco Basket: Homemade by Matt.//Vintage Christmas Sheet Music: Several different sites found on Pinterest.//Boxwood Wreath: Target//Stockings: Lands End.//All the ornaments that I have stuffed everywhere are unbreakable ones from the Dollar Tree



  1. you're nothing if not thorough ;) i spy bella in one of those pics and it made me chuckle. and baby letty! sigh. that big head. i love it. i just love your decor as usual! i still haven't put up anything. i haven't been home for more than like a few minutes haha.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. My parents have an 1300 sq ft house. We have decorations for a 10,000 sq ft house. And most of it's designer and foreign since they owned a floral design shop for eons.
    You're welcome to come on down and work your magic.

  3. That three tiered tray? Um, hello love. Your kitchen looks great. I need more Christmas in my kitchen. And all the stockings just make my heart so happy.

  4. Look at you!! Totally in your element here! I have yet to take out a since Christmas thing. There are still pumpkins on my table. LOL

  5. Everything looks amazing, of course! Now are those Christmas cards old ones or are your friends just super on top of sending those.....


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