a holiday home tour, part one

Part one of how many you may have moaned? 

I won't tell you.

The thing with all these gorgeous holiday home tours out there in this blog world is that they are of course amazing, but I always look at them and wonder how they can live like that? I have three kids and a husband who can't remember to close a drawer, so how do these homes have lovely draped throw blankets that cascade beautifully onto the floor besides a pile of pinecones and a sprig of rosemary? How? I'd love to know. So for this particular holiday home tour I'd like to tell you that this is exactly what my house would look like if you were to come and visit me during the months of November and December. I train my kids not to touch stuff. All ornaments that are within their reach are nonbreakable just in case, but they have learned to deal with my sort of crazy.

I'll start with the foyer... This garland my mother made for me while I watched and fetched the glue gun. I always wanted a two-story foyer and this is exactly how I pictured it at Christmas time. Except maybe I'd have a super tall skinny tree in the corner. Perhaps next year? Lucky number eight Matt?

Reindeer Pallet Sign: Homemade by yours truly//Galvanized Olive Bucket: Target Dollar Spot//Garland: Homemade by Janet with Dollar Store balls and ribbon. Other accents came from Hobby Lobby.//Chalkboard Sign: Target Dollar Spot//Christmas Tree Sign: Homemade by yours truly.

Next up would be the playroom slash book storage room. I've purchased myself a Santa each year we have been married. Why? I don't know. But I have. They are from all over really, any store that happens to have a Santa I fancy.
Merry Christmas Banner: Target Dollar Spot//Wood Skis: Target Dollar Spot//Santas: A few are from Hobby Lobby. A few are from boutique stores locally//Big Unbreakable Ornaments: Dollar Tree// Plaid Blanket Scarf that I'm using as a throw: Similar here.// Truck and Tree Pillow: Target Dollar Spot//Pom Pom Garland: Target// North Pole Sign: Homemade by yours truly//Basket: Target.

And lastly for today, our dining room. Our newly redone dining room. I did change this up quite a bit from last year, mainly a new centerpiece and the lack of some garlands and the like. This room is still the home to my wine Christmas tree and my wine Santa. They go quite nicely together don't you think?
Galvanized Milk Bucket: Target Dollar Spot//Wine Santa: He came from some decor store down in Maryland. I literally can't even recall the town.//Wine Colored Ornaments: Hobby Lobby//Gold Glitter Ornaments: Dollar Tree//White Nativity Set: Matt made this when he was in kindergarten or preschool, I can't remember. But I've always wanted a white nativity just like my mom so I guess it's a good thing I married him!//Galvanized Pitcher: Target Dollar Spot. Wine Ornaments: Some came from Elizabeth Farms in their store and some off Amazon here. Some others came from Details. The star I made with corks obviously. The garland also was homemade with cranberries and corks.//Chalkboard Sign: Homemade by yours truly. Tutorial here.

More to come later, don't you fret! All the Christmas! In all the rooms! All the time!