who dominic is at 22 months

Oh Dominic, my Dominic. How does one describe all that you are?
You are ornery. Loud, aggressive, all with an extremely short fuse. You can speak occasionally when the mood strikes you but mainly you like to just yell until someone comes to your rescue. We can all tell your lack of communication ability annoys you but you also don't really seem to care enough to try. You say no perfectly and often, but yes is just a smile and a giggle from you when we finally guess what you want. You have a sharing problem about 95% of the time.
You sleep like a champ. You never wake up during the night and you take a great afternoon nap. You love using your pillow and blanket like a big kid. You still sleep with your round bunny I got you last Easter on a whim.
You don't eat the best, mainly I think because you see what David gets away with and figure you're just like him in that department. You do eat pasta thank God, and Chinese food. You love applesauce and have about three pouches a day of that, we carry them with us everywhere. All ice cream you call "nanilla" as well as Twin Kiss, our local ice cream shop. 
You understand a lot, you know? You are so often overlooked or passed over because you are the baby or people think (me, I think) you're not ready to do such and such or you won't understand xyz and yet occasionally you show your true potential. You get your shoes when asked, reach for your head when someone mentions your new hair cut, clean up toys, give hugs and love before we leave family, throw things in the trash, etc. Just because you are few with words does not mean you don't know the world around you just fine.
You like to dance. Mainly its a lot of head bobbing and stomping of feet with your legs spread wide and your knees bent but still, you've got rhythm. You really like horses and make some sort of odd sound whenever you see one. Sort of a throat clearing sound. Animals in general are your jam. And trucks and cars and diggers and trains and basically whatever it is your brother is touching at the moment you want that. You love Blaze and that was actually one of your first words other than mama and dada.
Sometimes you give me kisses that involve the firmest of grips on my cheeks and you pull me so tight to your open mouth and just hold me there, giggling. You are so strong that it took three of us to hold you down for your hair cut the other day, because you hate haircuts. You also hate any sort of staged photo opp. 
You're a peach and a mess and a pain and a love all in one. And you're just soooo close to being two. Welcome terrible twos?? Lord help us.



  1. Such a little love, and ALL boy!! I think it is so funny to see the difference in boys and girls at this stage. My boys were so rough and insane, and now watching Odette at 18 months, it is SO different. But the "terrible twos" are starting, even though we all know that timeframe is bullshit. LOL

  2. Bless his youngest child/baby heart. It only gets better from here kiddo. They'll be catering to your whim for the rest of their lives!

  3. haha oh that boy. i can't get enough. i know he's a crazy one but how can you not just want to eat that face. i mean squeeze it. details. :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. he is ridiculously cute is what he is!!! my goodness. i know he will always be your baby, even if he is getting so big!! what a smart boy!!!

  5. What a precious boy! Open mouth baby kisses are the best!!

  6. He is precious. And pasta and chinese food...I can't blame him.

  7. He's changing so much so quickly! It's hard to believe he'll be two soon! Such a cutie.

  8. ohh maybe he will skip the terrible twos...? pasta and chinese food? yum. sounds like my kind of diet.

  9. Oh, Dom! He is just so adorable. So close to two....that is just crazy.


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