to ten years!

Here here! Me and this tall drink of water have been officially Mr. & Mrs. for ten whole years. Well, "officially" later this afternoon that is. Ten years that have seemed like a different life and yet went by in a blink all wrapped up in one. And looking back on those ten years, they are all just so good, you know? Sure there are the occasional scattered dark spots here and there, just like everybody else, but one of the many things that guy of mine has taught me is to not focus on the bad, in fact don't even think of it. We have had such a go of it so far and this life we have is just wonderful and crazy and perfect.
I was looking through wedding photos last night and I was feeling nostalgic. Shocking, right? Not just for my "bride body," (which should be mourned, wow!) but for all the souls who were there then that aren't here now. Ten years is not a small amount of time. It's a decade. The whole world can shift and change and right itself back again, even if it is all a bit different. Our one constant though has been each other, and this family that we have worked so hard to build and that clearly, means the most to us. 
I married up, I know that. I could not imagine our lives any other way, then how it is at this very moment. Sending kids off to school.... Volunteering here or there. Spending our lunches together laughing about how someday they will be quiet ones.... And wrapping up our day with going to Hersheypark with friends. Totally typical right?
Don't worry, we're actually going to go celebrate the milestone of ten years tomorrow. And we are looking forward to it! Anyways, happy tenth anniversary my love! You're just the very best. I'd be one sad, lost panda without you. 

And can we all just take a moment to remember how far digital photography has come in the last ten years??? Okay, I kid, I kid. But really.

How we met here. Wedding recap here. And hey a honeymoon!