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the championship race


That sounds like quite something doesn't it? Well the top five placers from the race last week from each grade and each gender got to go to the Lancaster County Elementary Cross Country Championship. All on a gray Sunday afternoon. It was at a high school in the boonies (no offense to those who go there). I was sort of confused as to why it was on a field and not a track? When the race was a quarter mile for the Kindergartners and First Graders and a half mile for every other grade why not just use a track? Ah well. Running on wet grass just isn't for me. But they are kids. And so they fine with just about anything. Matt and I and the boys met up with my mom and drove to the other end of the county to cheer her on. She even got a bib and everything!
Nerves. Let's just talk about them. She kept saying she was scared, and I mean, I get that. I had butterflies and all sorts of severe anxious-type feels waiting for them to call up her grade. And then there was even more nail biting as I waited for the whole group to start. And then there was like the nervousness watching her run and then the excitement cheering her on and all the proud feelings in all the land like for real. It's a total trip. Like I needed to go home and have a drink because I was emotionally spent. For a kindergarten fun run. Because that's basically what it is. Crazy. I asked my mom if it gets easier as the kids get older and she said nope! That's why I didn't go to a lot of your sports functions. I just said oh. Is that why?!?! Haha. It's intense, let's leave it at that.
Anyways. She came in second place! Right?! She actually was third for awhile until the finish line where the girl in second just stopped and didn't cross? I felt so bad for her! She didn't know I guess that she had to just keep on going. So second place! Yaaaay! She left that medal on the entire day. Wanted to sleep with it. Etc..
Running. It's a real thing in this family!



  1. YAY!!!! Clearly I am that crazy mom on the sidelines because just reading this post and seeing the pictures, I was like GO LETTY!!!! Even though I know how the whole thing ends. I just love this, and good for her! Crazy side line moms unite! (I have been asked to quite down once or twice :) )

  2. Reason #23784678257 this stuff will be the end of me- I just got teary eyed reading this hahahahaha. Good job Letty!

  3. i mean obviously this is the cutest ever. that's a bummer for that girl who just stopped, former 2nd placer. meh. go letty go!!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. She is such a doll! Way to go Letty. I loved the picture of her sleeping with her medal! So sweet.

  5. yay congrats to her! super weird about the field though. no thanks! give me a track any day.

  6. Ah, that's just good. Start them young. I wish someone in this family is fit and influence us when we were kids. But no. Not a sporty bunch. Congrats to your baby girl! Congrats to you all.

  7. go letty!!! i am seriously amazed by this!!! i mean, legit competition right here! there she is, just owning it, earning her own medal! being such a grown lady!!! i know you are soooo proud!!!

  8. Yay Letty! I really had no idea there was such a cool! And yeah I can only imagine the ball of nerves you both were. To think this is just the beginning! haha


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