st. john

After two full days at sea we arrived at our first destination, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Saint John was the port where my dad splurged and booked us all an excursion. We left the boat and were greeted with costumed locals and flags and pins for the kids. The people were great! Our tour bus took the scenic route to a town called St. Martins and the Bay of Fundy. Seems there is quite the Scottish influence up there and I was having all sorts of Jamie and Claire thoughts. I know I know. When do I not?
The Bay of Fundy is known for some pretty amazing caves that we couldn't get to due to the tide. But we were able to hunt for wishing stones and the like before heading over to check out the harbor and the covered bridges of St. Martins before heading back to the ship. All told three hours.
Our tour guide donned a pin that said "I support moose sex." She was quite the pip as my Grandma would say. 

We went back on board to eat lunch before heading back out to explore a bit more of the town. Nothing crazy just some shops here and there. But a nice port town for sure. As we pulled out to sea there stood a lone bagpipe player, serenading us, kilt and all. The final notes we heard were from the hymn that has a verse about "those in peril on the sea."

Yeah. Thanks for that, pal.