so what's new with you?

Pull up a chair, will you? Another month has gone by and it's time once more for another coffee talk!
We leave for a cruise in a few days. So there's that. I have my list and I've been whittling away at it here and there and everywhere. All while hoping that Hurricane Matthew gets the heck out of dodge before we are set to leave. Last week's cruise (the same one we will be on just a week prior) had to have the entire itinerary changed around because of the weather. From Caribbean to NYC and Canada. Hashtag nope. So I'm hoping that come Saturday night I won't be frantically repacking for colder weather because that would suck. Not as much as being stuck on a cruise ship in the middle of a hurricane. That would suck the most.

We watched The Finest Hours the other week and I really wish we hadn't. My anxiety watching that was running so high I was near having heart palpitations. I was like nope. Not going on the cruise. You'll never get me on another boat again so help me God. Terrifying, nature and those waves! Speaking of nature and how scary it is have you seen this Twitter feed? Yikes.

I am so not a political person, much to my brother's chagrin, but I have sure been enjoying the nightly Twitter entertainment! Man! It's like I get a front row seat to all sorts of fun commentary. And speaking of entertaining political stuff.... Trump was in my hometown over the weekend and this one farmer must have owned the land on both sides of the road leading to where Trump would be and he had signs every twenty feet for Trump/Pence. On both sides of the road. Do you think that maybe people are driving on the road like oh no I don't want to vote Trump... and then after the 483 sign they are like wait! I'm going to vote for Trump now. That 483'd sign changed my mind? It was a lot of signs. Sign overkill, as it were.

As everyone may already know we redid our entire dining room. Redid the walls, redid the table, redid it all. It's like walking in to a totally different home and I love it. It is pretty much my new favorite space to sip on a morning cup of coffee. Not my first cup, no, but the second one, the one after Letty is off to school. Then I started in on our master bathroom, coming soon to a blog near you! These updates! I'm sure Matt is seriously questioning my sanity.... but what else can we paint?

If you follow me on Instagram then you may know my treadmill started scaring me. It's an old lady for sure but she's basically my best friend. I've ran so many miles on her I lost count. In the thousands. I just don't have it in me to run outside in all weather. Rain and snow? And how does one run outside in the dark? Like before the sun comes up? Because that is what I run. Where does one go? A gym is out. And don't even get me started on the gear that I don't have. Moisture-wicking it is not.

Oh and hey Matt's birthday is Saturday! The poor man will have to talk me down off my cruise fearing ledge and probably be forced to pack and unpack all sorts of things for me. So happy day to him!!

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