our second formal night with bela bracelets

I know. Two posts. One day. It's like andiamo back in 2013...

But there are cruise posts to be had! So. Before the madness of our second formal night....
Our second formal night was not in fact the things that dreams are made of, at least at first. We were having one of those nights where all the kids were just misbehaving in their own different way and our patience was short and we had to take a break. We swore off dinner and went back to the room and the kids each got a severe talking to and tears were shed and maybe someone sat outside on the balcony in silence for a little (me, I did) before deciding that no, we were not going to let naughty children keep us from our last formal night. We texted the group (the Carnival HUB app to the rescue!) and they agreed we should return and so return we did.
And the kids were then angels. Respectful, quiet, they ate their meals and it all was great. Sometimes a mini break and a step back can just redirect the entire evening. There was even dancing!
Whenever I get into the thick of things with the kids the first thing I do is pull my hair up. Before every meal, tubby, diaper change, whatever it is. Not to mention I've got a lot of hair. So on my wrist is always a hair tie. So when I heard of Bela Bracelets, who makes cute bracelets that disguise said hair tie I was like this. is. genius. They were kind enough to send me two different kinds, the Classic and the Grooved, both in silver. They also have bracelets in gold and rose gold which I mean, rose gold! I wasn't expecting them to include a hair tie with each bracelet but they did which is always a dream because between Letty and I, we could always use more. Anyways no more will I have to wear the accessory of a plain jane black hair tie! Now no one even knows it's a hair tie on that bracelet! Like I said, genius.
And yes, I wear two at a time because it's not just my mane of hair I need to tame all the time, there's a little version of me as well.

Bela Bracelets has been kind enough to offer one of you very special readers a $30 store credit so you too can disguise the ever present hair tie! Enter below!
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