our dining room got a facelift

I'm not sure what happened really. I've been feeling like I wanted more neutrals in my life and my house is anything but... But one day while Letty was at school (that the crux of it right there I think, school) I stood staring at my dining room and I decided I hated it. Strong words, yes. But the room was sort of having an identity crisis. Was it supposed to be Roman? Maybe wine themed? The dark blue sucked everything in to it. I had so many pieces that were either given to me or left by the prior owners and while they are fine and great I just didn't love them. So I started removing everything I didn't really loooove. And it helped a bit, but that blue!

And so as we do, we decided to go big or go home. 
But first? The before! And the before before! And the before before before!

I didn't take a "true" before because at first I was just decluttering and trying to lighten the space. This was after my initial purge and moving some things around and a new tablecloth. Trust me when I say this was a vast improvement. 
This was a week after we moved in:And of course before we moved in:
I guess you could say I have been gravitating to the "farmhouse style" for years now with not exactly realizing it? I love the show Fixer Upper of course... But I had been adding more neutrals, pallets, baskets, galvanized things, greenery, chalkboarding everything... All within the past few years. So I shouldn't have been surprised when I promptly announced that I was going for a farmhouse style dining room. Not surprised at all. But I still kinda was.
I tried to do a lot of diy things and a lot of shopping in my own home, which is fun and also frustrating! Our old dining room table definitely did not fit in with this style but it was a family piece. The table and chairs came from my grandparent's when they passed away in 2013. So they had to stay. Someday I'll do something about the chairs but with young kids that fabric works just fine for now. The table had a unique design with inlaid wood (that I wasn't totally crazy about) so we had no other choice other than a tablecloth or painting. So I did that all by my lonesome. Lots of sanding and sweat later I looooove it!
The shiplap was done by Matt, more of that later of course. We decided instead of replacing the chandelier that we could just spray paint it. Spray paint all the things in all the lands!
Still to come? I'd love to get a rug for under the table. Probably an indoor/outdoor one like this. There is the potential for some curtains at some point but we will wait and see. I like it just the way it is for now.
Like I said, a lot of this room was thrown together with stuff we could diy to the way we liked it or things we already had, or it came from my mom's (Thanks mom! Couldn't have done it without you of course!), and  some of it is quite old and I can't link directly to the item. But here's what I've got.

Wall color: Flannel Gray by BEHR//Farmers Market sign: Home Decor Warehouse//Olive wreath: Amazon//Table runner: Amazon//Galvanized milk jug and pitcher: Target Dollar Spot, distressing by myself//Milk crate: Target//Fiddle Leaf Fig: Home Depot//Woven Basket: Target//Moss balls: Hobby Lobby//Cable knit throw: Ikea//Small plant: Ikea with spray painted/distressing by myself//Wood drawer: Home Decor Warehouse//Riddling Racks: DIY, similar here//Chalkboard: DIY//Sconces came with house, but pallet backing Matt did.

Quite the change, right? What do you guys think?