our days at sea, the mornings.

There were four days at sea on our cruise. So basically, the majority of our vacation was spent floating around the Atlantic. This was one of the rougher trips we've had, with three out of the four days being a bit choppy. No one got sick or anything but let me tell you something running on a treadmill when the boat is rocking is no small feat. I almost died.

Moving on.
Our days at sea started bright and early as anyone with young kids can attest too. I would try and sneak out before the kids woke and run for a bit at the gym while my parents did their cardio as well. We saw the sun rise each and every day which I'm always a fan of. I tried to have all the kid's clothing out the night before so that whenever they did get up Matt could get them dressed without having to think about it. Once I returned and showered we would reconvene on Lido (which is basically the deck where "things" happen) for our breakfast. Somehow magically all of the group would find each other and we would all chow down. It's like a mad scramble these meals. Divide and conquer. Survival of the fittest. You name it. Our evening waiter was the supervisor up on Lido and he would be waiting on us hand and foot. The kids would have straws waiting each day for them to drink their chocolate milk just because on the first day he happened to hear them mention they needed straws. We figure Senvil had our tables bugged. There are ears everywhere that must work for him and report back. One lunch I mentioned that I wish there were unflavored fries aboard and within ten minutes a plate of fries showed up at our table. Unordered. He's amazing. But back to mornings.

After breakfast it was Operation Occupy Children. Most of the time this involved exploring the ship, checking out the shops, outdoor sports, or climbing stairs. 
By ten Camp Carnival would open. Now I am never one to want to leave my children but this ended up being a lifesaver for us. I had never intended for them to go there, like never crossed my mind because it was a no brainer, no they were not going. But then my sister made such a valid point, that it is the kid's vacations too and they would have more fun playing with kids their own age doing crafts and games than being stuck doing whatever it was the adults wanted to do. I read all about it and all the policies and such and felt confident that they (me, that I) could handle it. So CC it was. Each day at ten they would prance off to do whatever it is they do in there.

Normally this is when we would just sort of sit and stair at a wall. And start drinking. Somewhere on the Lido Deck the newly child-less parents would find each other and just enjoy adult conversation. Dom was surprisingly easy to occupy with a train or two and an arm chair to push them on. Camp Carnival has a two and over rule so he missed the cut off by a few months, schade. And yes I tried every color of margarita and I decided the blue was my most favorite.
And all of this before noon! The second half of our days at sea to come!

Happy Friday too by the way!



  1. Sounds like fun mornings! Glad you let the kids go into that little club thing, good for Mom and kids alike. I am so right there w you on anything related to that. I took the girls to a kids night out thing at church where Tori goes to school.. I probably exchanged 15 texts w questions like whats the adult to kid ratio? Does everyone have their clearances? Whats the bathroom rules? etc.

  2. Oh hey nice to have a few less kids about for the marg drinking! I miss drinking. sigh.
    What flavor of fries were the other ones??

  3. Fun! My husband and I went on a cruise to Key West and Cozumel this year on the Carnival Sensation and it was cool, we were first timers so everything was new to us. This is making me remember all that!Can't imagine cruising with small kids, but maybe I'll convince my siblings and parents to go on a big family cruise for their anniversary next year.

  4. well you got a lot accomplished before noon! i am glad you could let the kiddos have some fun so YOU could have some fun. good to know that blue won the competition haha

  5. Those sunrises are worth waking up early while on vacation! So gorgeous. The waiters sound awesome! Did a lot of the passengers decide against the cruise when the destination was changed? It doesn’t look crowded at all. Which could be awesome! I’ve heard great things about Camp Carnival. Some of my friend’s kids begged to go to it each day! Great pictures. I love that last one!

  6. seriously though, the waiters and what they hear and bring you? blows my mind. it's like, magic. running on a treadmill out at sea? you go girl. i did not. ha. but that's a good point about it being the kids vacation as well.

  7. you know these posts are getting me REALLY pumped for our cruise :)

  8. oh i bet those sunrises were just STUNNING!!!! wow. all that fun before noon! i bet it was just the best trip. and i know it's taking me 4,000 years to catch up but i am loving these posts!!!

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