our days at sea. the afternoons.

Did everyone have a nice weekend? Are we ready for more cruising talk? I know I always am.

So right back to it... After we enjoyed our relaxing morning sans the big kids we would then have lunch with only Dom so we could actually taste our food before going to pick them up from the Camp for their lunch. It just worked out better that way for all parties. One of us would go get the kids and the other would start gathering their lunches together while someone in the family sat with Dom while he ate pizza face first. As in, face to cheese. Like taking a bite out of a wall. It makes no sense. I lived for those Guy Fieri burgers ohhhhhh mylanta (sorry dad)! So so tasty. Our evening waiter made sure we had several orders of the best mac and cheese and chicken nuggets waiting for the kids, which are two things you can't get in the buffet line so, thank you Senvil! All bets were off this week and we let the kids eat whatever garbage they wanted. Even if it was soft serve ice cream with every meal.
The big kids would be fed and then it was Dom nap time with Matt (he was Dom's person the entire week, move over mom). Dom didn't really want to nap in the room in the pack and play, and after a few days we learned he loved to fall asleep on Matt's lap in the lobby area with the live music and bar noise as background. Every day. So that is where Matt went each afternoon armed with a pink iPad and a drink or two.
I would take the big kids swimming if it was warm enough, they have one covered pool on board and utilize it we would. On some of the rougher days it was almost like swimming in the ocean the way the waves were going back and forth in the pool. But kids don't notice those things? I certainly did though. Thankfully they have life jackets for those poor unfortunate children of over-protective mothers such as myself.
Once the kids were sufficiently frozen we would change into dry clothes before another quick jaunt at Camp Carnival. Because the afternoons are when the real magic happens. For the kids I mean. The main events as it were. There would then be more relaxing on the part of the parent's that's for sure. Coffee and or wine. I hit up the Serenity Deck a few times which is an adult only area. Not in the nasty version but in the whole no yelling children or splashing and calming music and a full bar and comfy lounges version. On the final day I got myself a manicure with Matt's birthday gift card from Carnival. I know, I know. But he didn't want to use it and I couldn't let it go to waste!
By five we would have picked the kids up, showered and dressed in our finest and gone down to meet in the lobby bar for drinks, a tradition since the dawn of over 21 Trovato cruises. In order for the whole "drinks before dinner" thing to work we sat the kids down in front of their respective iPads. Or we went for multiple glass elevator rides. Or dancing. And see also martinis that we only discovered the last two days of the cruise. Alchemy Bar is where it's at. And I don't even like martinis. We had the early seating for dinner which had us in the dining room at 6 pm. Senvil would wow us with his service once more and with all that amazing food....and then some days we would head to bed. Occasionally we attempted a show and soft serve ice cream though. Or a movie and popcorn or something.
I just love that last photo of our crew with our wait staff. Leaving Senvil got me all sorts of emotional. He was just so good to us and to my kids and he has two little kids of his own that he is working so hard to send to a good school.... he only sees them once every six months! You'd cry too!!! He's the one in the back and if you ever go on a Carnival cruise and see him hug him for us will you? We are even Facebook friends, him and I. Hi Senvil!
Anyways, these days at sea took a lot out of them.

And me. They took a lot out of me too. Which is why there is wiiiiiineeeeee.