mikayla is turning two!

We will be travelling for Mikayla's actual second birthday as we will be embarking on a cruise boat.... tough life right? But we have to celebrate her of course at her home with presents and a fun theme (naturally) and singing and the like. Her mama knows how to theme, for sure. This year it was sprinkles themed. The kids played and had quite the rousing game of Simon Says courtesy of Mikala's Aunt Linds. We had pizza and chips and donuts and it was all good in the hood. She got lots of good stuff, that lovely little lady. Sorry you only enjoyed the first half of the birthday song, until you didn't anymore. It is rough being the center of attention. Just ask your dad, I know he hated that.

And personally I feel like it was a major success because the Olsen family left sans tantrums sooo... You're welcome.
Mikayla's first birthday here!