how the trovato's get to a cruise

There will be many updates coming blog side here in the upcoming week (or weeks) but I'll start off with a little about how we roll out to a vacation. There being a lot of us on our trips, fifteen on this past one to be exact, we take a lot of vehicles to travel. So, historically, my father has a van drive us to and from the cruise terminal or airport or what have you. Well with the addition of four other children since our last cruise he knew a van would not cut it. No. A Party Bus was needed. We had a lot of luggage. And a lot of people. And a lot of wine. And no car seats.
We cruised out of Baltimore so thankfully it wasn't a long trip. The babies actually did great not being restrained, even if the parents were a bit nervous about the whole safety issue. I think Dom only fell on his head once each way. Mainly he just sat and stared.

We arrived and boarded which is always a blur to me. There's a line, sure, but it moves and you know that at the other end there is food and more drinks. After the muster station drill, which is also a blur other than a tall Eastern European man ordering Dom and I to "come with me" we were able to unpack our bags that had been safely delivered to our room. We then explored the ship, hoping to watch us leave port. We were told that because of weather or winds or what have you that we would not be leaving until 11 pm? So our first dinner was eaten sitting at the port in Baltimore. It was also Mikayla's birthday so she got to blow out a candle and we all got to sing to the birthday girl yet again, and thankfully for her, she held in the tears.
We rounded out the first night with what would become routine, soft serve ice cream on the Lido Deck followed by bed.