happy halloween!

Happy Halloween from my three Avengers to you and yours! Trick or Treating is held tonight, which I never understood because, school night. And on school night my kids go to bed at 7. 7:15 at the absolute latest and only if we are feeling magnanimous. So tonight (and tomorrow) should be very interesting. Anyways. I've learned in years past that it is best to get the kids all in their costumed finery prior to the actual Trick or Treat night for a nice group photo. Something about having endless candy just within arm's reach makes them all very anti-photo in the moment.This is officially the last year we can get a sibling theme going, I'm sure of it. Letty wants girlie things and David wants boy things and well, Dominic could be wearing a lot of David's old costumes (I know, gasp!). So this was the last one. Letty agreed Black Widow was amazing, David thought the sun rises and sets with Captain America, and Dom is the Hulk. Because he gets very angry.
Now I can add another reason on to why we do this prior to Trick or Treat night. Because it could just be the moment you discover that your child will not be wearing said newly purchased costume this year. Dominic went berserk. His face turned close to purple and he kept pulling at it and screaming and as soon as it was off if anyone of us so much as said the word 'costume' or headed towards the crumpled Hulk form he went defcon five once more. Just living up to his costume, amiright? At least we saved ourselves the embarrassment of having his fits happening in front of all my family? Silver lining?
And yes, after these were taken we did in fact sit in front of the freezer with the door open and a glass of wine. They make me sweat, these three.

Anyways enjoy taking candy from strangers tonight! Woohoo!

Past costumes here, here, and here.



  1. I am dying!! Dom, come on be a team player! LOL. My four have been wearing their costumes all week, so here's to hoping tonight will be no different.

  2. you wrote this and i feel like i could be there at this moment ha. dom is a hulk monster yeah! and sweet david - i cannot CANNOT get over his face and how proud he is. that joy = nothing better. and of course letty is too grown up for my taste. love it! let me know how tonight goes :) i'll be here for any meltdown support!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. The way Dom feels about The Hulk is the way I feel about bras. Except as an "adult" I was taught to internalize the feels.
    Never give up the good fight Dom.
    The other two look as cute as cute can be!

  4. Oh my gosh, so cute! Good luck tonight! Wishing you lots of good candy and also wine.

  5. "Dom is the hulk because he gets very angry" HAHA. Love it. Cute!!! The girls are being Super Girls, Mom is being superwoman and dad wont commit to anything because he is no fun. The Monday night trick or treat is messing me up too. Like wait, Tori is bathed and in bed by 8.. what m I going to do now?!

  6. Oh my word I feel ya!! Dom is too funny in that costume. Both my kids are sick so it should be real interesting getting them in costumes AND getting a picture

  7. yay for wine!
    i am sorry Dom didn't love his costume, but he looks super adorable in it? they all do. love the themed costumes, sorry this will be the last year but i'm sure they'll continue to be adorable no matter what they wear.
    note taken about photos prior to candy going, for when i am a parent lol

  8. Oh thus post made me giggle! I was thinking the same thing about sibling/family costumes, probably only have one more year left. Joa has similar feelings about his Olaf costume but then warmed up to it once he was at daycare and saw other kids in them too :) There was a repeat crying fit when we put it on again Sat for actual trick or treating but once we got him outside all was well again....no idea why....maybe the fresh air? Soooo with you on the pre-trick or treating photo op. No way my kids will pose when there is candy to be found. And way to go Letty, Big Sis of the year taking one for the team and doing a super hero this year!

  9. oh they are theee cutest!!!! seriously!!! i hope trick or treating was a success for you guys!!! and 7pm bedtime wow. you are a champion. i always think that, though!!

  10. I so wish that it was a written rule that if Halloween falls on a week night you celebrate it the weekend before or after. It’s so hard to do all the things on a school night. I love that you were able to dress them in a themed costume this year! Kids are so funny about costumes…love them one minute and hate them the next. Did he end up dressing up for actual Halloween-ing?


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