Halifax was the bigger of the two ports we visited on our cruise. I knew nothing about our ports prior to our visit, really. Halifax boasts among many things, the "Titanic Cemetery" as it's referred to that unfortunately I could convince no one to go to with me. Here I'll never go to Halifax again and will have forever missed my chance at seeing a real life grave of a Titanic victim. Are you feeling guilty yet Matt? Are you????

And yes, here is another cruise sunrise for your viewing pleasure...
But what we did do was we got off the ship and wandered around downtown, along their harbour walk which was quite pretty. We visited some very beautiful public gardens and let the little ones stretch their legs. Afterwards while getting coffee with my dad, sister and brother our little ones were approached by a homeless man wanting their McDonald's. Which Dom kindly offered him his half eaten nugget. Which the man took. I can't even with that.

We headed back towards the water and stopped for a drink at a place called The Stubborn Goat while my parents watched the kids run around the playground. Thank you thank you to them! And Beth and Rob who also joined them. Those non-drinkers that they are. Wink wink.
After we walked miles and miles we decided it was time to head back on board to Guy Fieri's burger joint. I miss that place....