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formal night, the first


We love us some formal nights. I know for someone who historically lives for leggings and sports bras the mind reels that I would love getting dressed up, but I always have. On cruises, that is. The men look so dapper and the ladies get a chance to rock a dress they maybe haven't worn in years (in my case any ways). And the kids look so cute in their little dress clothes. It's obviously quite different from when we used to go just adults and all but still. 
The first formal night when off without a hitch and we were even able to snag a photo of the entire group that will be framed and hung in a place of honor until the next cruise's replacement.
This kind gentleman must have been at Camp Carnival performing magic tricks for the kids earlier in the day because they knew him quite well. David referred to him as "Magic Boy" all week. He seemed okay with it. Letty got to be his assistant on the first formal night.  I've been seeing such a change in her lately. Volunteering to be a magic assistant? Singing and dancing before the other kids at Camp during their talent show? Who is this little wonder??



  1. aw baby letty. bc i mean that's how she is to me in my mind :) what a great family photo! amazing. glad night 1 was a great success! everyone looks gorg :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. All the littles look so cute in their fancy clothes!

  3. I'm a bit apprehensive about how you say formal night one went off without a hitch. Sounds like any following ones did not...

    Love the formal pic on the stairs though! It's the best. Definitely needs to be hung.

  4. You all look so great! That group picture is a total framer, for sure.

  5. Look at this good lookin family!! You know I'll take any excuse to dress up, bathroom cleaning, costco, park days. So this just makes me smile :)

  6. awww how cute that Letty is volunteering and doing stuff in front of other kids. coming out of her shell? love the group picture of you all, and i'm worried about the following formal nights lol if you say this one went off without a hitch. i had such fun on formal night, KC wouldn't wear a suit but he at least wore a button down. sigh. kids in formal clothes - SO CUTE.

  7. You all look great! That first picture is definitely a framer...even Dom is smiling!

  8. yessss that family shot is a keeper!! and i always think that of myself, too... i love my comfy stuff but there's nothing like getting fancy!! so fun for your whole entire family together. and omg the water right outside the window. that... is nuts.


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