farm show with the family

This is the final farm show post for the year, I promise.

I had gone in with Letty, and then again with David, so it's only fair we go in with Dominic too. My sister and her family as well as my parents came in on the final day of the farm show for lunch and some animal browsing. I think my mom feels badly for Dom, always destined to being contained in the stroller. But I have two arms and three kids so that's mainly where he stays. She's trying to do something about that and I know how much he loves it. Being free makes him just so very happy. 

It's amazing to me (although it shouldn't be) how young things start with my kids. I used to love going to the Farm Show in high school to see my friends, it was like a big reunion. As if I hadn't just seen them a few hours prior. Details. Well every corner we turned little Miss Letty saw some friend of hers or a teacher or somebody enjoying the Farm Show as well. And how happy it makes her to run into them outside of school. It's also happening in our development. I went for a walk the other day and didn't come back for close to two hours because we ran into two separate kids from her class and they just had to play for a bit. It's madness!

Back to the Farm Show! The only bummer to this little lunch excursion was that the milkshake line was far too long to wait in. I'm a big fan of these milkshakes, in fact that was going to be my lunch.... No matter! I got Letty and I one on the way home from McDonald's. Not the same... but we make do. Okay and maybe the other bummer was they had all the tractors roped off so the kids didn't get to climb on them per the usual.
Past family Farm Show visits here, here and here! I think this was the first year we didn't get to enjoy the Farm Show without our Fitzs! Is it the end of an era?! Say it ain't so!