farm show field trip with letty

The Farm Show in our hometown is a pretty big deal. Maybe not to those from outside the town, but to us it sure is. The food, the memories, it's all very nostalgic for me anyways, personally. And last week was Farm Show week. Now in my day we didn't get off school during the week, we weren't even allowed to leave the high school and walk over to get lunch or anything. But these days the kids have off Thursday and Friday. And they have field trips! Letty's class went on Tuesday which was perfect because my mom was able to watch the boys and I could finally go and put my clearances to good use!

I dropped her off in the morning as usual, parked my van, threw my backpack on and marched into what used to be the main entrance of my middle school, now Letty's elementary school. Very odd feeling, I'll tell you what. I signed in and after the announcements (I used to be in Student Council and got to read them on occasion. I also thought having a classmate sing "lollipop, lollipop oh lolly lollipop" every morning was a great advertisement for our lollipop fundraiser. It got old real fast. Sorry guys. The two of you who read this blog...) I got to go into Letty's class and see a super quick morning meeting.

I. Loved. This. I would personally love a live video stream of what is happening in that room all day because I just don't know what she does all day. She just doesn't tell me. Things I learned? She participates now! The class is asked a question and historically she wouldn't respond well, now! Now she responds! And her response is correct! Go Letty! She's a "messenger" as well. Her and a buddy leave the class and bring something to the office and then turn heel and come back. Just two kindergarteners. When she high tailed it out of the room I almost ran after her, like wait! You let them wander the halls! Alone!? Which is why a live video feed would never be a good idea. Ever.

After some quick housekeeping stuff the students were separated with the chaperones and then off we walked to the Farm Show. Myself and two other mothers had six kids to keep track of for the morning. I would like to take a moment to just sing my praises for all you teachers out there. You guys are unsung heroes. You deal with so much stuff and spend so much of your time and money on these wonderful kids of ours and don't get nearly enough recognition. If you ask me. Which you didn't but just my thoughts on the matter. I have a few teachers in my life who I love dearly and I do not know how you do it day in and day out. My head was spinning just by the time we got to our destination. I have cows at home. My grandpa's name is Ron. I have four grandmas. Do you have a dog? I see a squirrel. I'm wearing red shoes. One time I had ice cream. And on and on and on. It is constant! Such wonderful little minds they have in there though right?

Once we got there we had a scavenger hunt we had to complete that took us to all the different animals. Each station got a stamp and on to the next. The pigs were the biggest hit but I'm not sure why. Personally I enjoyed the bees the best. We were encouraged to ask them lots of questions and encourage the kids to also ask questions. We met the Farm Show Queen and heard all about her day.... We saw a lot of poop. They climbed every tractor the could and had a snack. And then we headed back to their school for their lunch. 
I have learned that when you cross the street you say "crossing, not talking" and also everyone is a "friend". Not in the Quaker way, but as in the, listen up friends or friends let's "silent cheer" kind of way.

I want to do all the volunteering in all the lands because getting a glimpse into her day is just the best to me.