farm show field trip with david

I was so excited to go along on my first field trip with David now that he's in school! I love field trips for all sorts of reasons, mainly being that I love to stalk my kids. I want to see who they are friends with and what those kids are like. I want to get to know the teacher better and just basically soak in the entire dynamic. As David is my first boy too I wanted to see if he was one of those boys always getting into mischief or rough housing. You know the types, where the teacher looks at you apologetically and says, do mind taking Billy in your group? Those boys. Spoiler alert: he isn't one of those boys, but there is definitely one in his class. So last Friday was his first field trip and my mom took Letty and Dominic (Letty was off school for in-service) for me so I could tag along.

It was bad.

The long and short of it is that I don't think I can go again. He doesn't act that way with his teachers (I asked). He seemed to think that since I was there then he could do whatever he wanted? He didn't want to stay with his class he wanted to move on, come on mom let's go! I want to go here. I want to go there! Then he started whining. Talking like a baby. Grunting instead of using words. All fun little side affects of wanting more attention and acting like his little brother. I'm thrilled to hear that he isn't that way at all for his teachers but I so badly wanted to be able to go on these sorts of things with him. 
I'm hoping it was just a one time thing. Pretty sure it wasn't but I can dream, yes?

On a positive note, the two boys he talks about the most seem to be good, decent kids. He seems to play really well with all the kids, and asks permission before he holds anyone's hands. He is enamored with his teacher and chose to walk with her and hold her hand over mine (heartbreaking, yeah?). So not a total waste, I guess. I got some decent reconnaissance work in for a Friday.