fall family shots in a field

My parent's development has a few empty lots waiting around for a home to be built on them and one of them has this field. The sun sets right behind it and it's sort of perfect. My sister-in-law had mentioned doing a shoot there this past spring but before we knew it, it got mowed. Which I guess they do a few times a year. Anyways the other week she offered to do a shoot there with my family of five and I said yes please! I know Ash would have preferred to have more to pick from at the end but all you need is that one good shot and I love it so much! Dom is suuuuch a hand full at these types of things that I just know getting him to look and smile would take an act of God so.... I don't expect it. If he isn't arching his back and screaming I consider it a success!
Thanks so much Ashley for doing this for me! I am so happy I even got one where Dom doesn't ruin it!