a second time around a fall fest.

I know right? So remember last weekend? The mind reels. But I tried it again. Matt came along this time, as well as friends of ours from college who are usually witness to our antics at this Fall Fest... and shockingly, it went well! No tantrums! No screaming! No fighting back tears. And they had a hayride thank goodness! That just makes the whole thing I think, the hayride. Except I guess all the rains kept us off the normal route so it was just a whole lot of parking lot. Oh look there's a dumpster, that sort of thing. Ah well. The kids partook in the different games set up around and then went through the maize which was a major hit for my eldest and youngest... which worked in my favor for the middle child otherwise known as King of the Corn Table. We definitely looked like quite the brood walking there like that, the whole bunch of us. But the more the merrier I always say!
It worked out okay. Thank God.

And of course those last few fantastic photos were taken by my sister-in-law.



  1. Look at you! Not accepting parental defeat! I admire your fall perseverance, but having dad's there always seems to change the dynamic. Well, actually that is completely hit or miss in my house. LOL! Glad you guys had a good time :)

  2. a christmas miracle. or fall. whatever. haha. love the photo with beth in the background looking at the corn table with distain haha. you all surely feel the same way. but i'm glad it was great success! also can you be any prettier with your mermaid hair my friend! nope not at all

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Yay! Sounds like a great 2nd trip to Fall Fest! Hayrides just scream fall. Love them! The pictures are great (as always) and have so many rich Autumn colors. My favorite!

  4. oooh this looks like a good one!!! how fun and nice for you that it went smoothly!! whew!!

  5. Cute pictures! Gotta love a good fall fest with the kids!


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