happy halloween!

Happy Halloween from my three Avengers to you and yours! Trick or Treating is held tonight, which I never understood because, school night. And on school night my kids go to bed at 7. 7:15 at the absolute latest and only if we are feeling magnanimous. So tonight (and tomorrow) should be very interesting. Anyways. I've learned in years past that it is best to get the kids all in their costumed finery prior to the actual Trick or Treat night for a nice group photo. Something about having endless candy just within arm's reach makes them all very anti-photo in the moment.This is officially the last year we can get a sibling theme going, I'm sure of it. Letty wants girlie things and David wants boy things and well, Dominic could be wearing a lot of David's old costumes (I know, gasp!). So this was the last one. Letty agreed Black Widow was amazing, David thought the sun rises and sets with Captain America, and Dom is the Hulk. Because he gets very angry.
Now I can add another reason on to why we do this prior to Trick or Treat night. Because it could just be the moment you discover that your child will not be wearing said newly purchased costume this year. Dominic went berserk. His face turned close to purple and he kept pulling at it and screaming and as soon as it was off if anyone of us so much as said the word 'costume' or headed towards the crumpled Hulk form he went defcon five once more. Just living up to his costume, amiright? At least we saved ourselves the embarrassment of having his fits happening in front of all my family? Silver lining?
And yes, after these were taken we did in fact sit in front of the freezer with the door open and a glass of wine. They make me sweat, these three.

Anyways enjoy taking candy from strangers tonight! Woohoo!

Past costumes here, here, and here.


our second formal night with bela bracelets

I know. Two posts. One day. It's like andiamo back in 2013...

But there are cruise posts to be had! So. Before the madness of our second formal night....
Our second formal night was not in fact the things that dreams are made of, at least at first. We were having one of those nights where all the kids were just misbehaving in their own different way and our patience was short and we had to take a break. We swore off dinner and went back to the room and the kids each got a severe talking to and tears were shed and maybe someone sat outside on the balcony in silence for a little (me, I did) before deciding that no, we were not going to let naughty children keep us from our last formal night. We texted the group (the Carnival HUB app to the rescue!) and they agreed we should return and so return we did.
And the kids were then angels. Respectful, quiet, they ate their meals and it all was great. Sometimes a mini break and a step back can just redirect the entire evening. There was even dancing!
Whenever I get into the thick of things with the kids the first thing I do is pull my hair up. Before every meal, tubby, diaper change, whatever it is. Not to mention I've got a lot of hair. So on my wrist is always a hair tie. So when I heard of Bela Bracelets, who makes cute bracelets that disguise said hair tie I was like this. is. genius. They were kind enough to send me two different kinds, the Classic and the Grooved, both in silver. They also have bracelets in gold and rose gold which I mean, rose gold! I wasn't expecting them to include a hair tie with each bracelet but they did which is always a dream because between Letty and I, we could always use more. Anyways no more will I have to wear the accessory of a plain jane black hair tie! Now no one even knows it's a hair tie on that bracelet! Like I said, genius.
And yes, I wear two at a time because it's not just my mane of hair I need to tame all the time, there's a little version of me as well.

Bela Bracelets has been kind enough to offer one of you very special readers a $30 store credit so you too can disguise the ever present hair tie! Enter below!
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to ten years!

Here here! Me and this tall drink of water have been officially Mr. & Mrs. for ten whole years. Well, "officially" later this afternoon that is. Ten years that have seemed like a different life and yet went by in a blink all wrapped up in one. And looking back on those ten years, they are all just so good, you know? Sure there are the occasional scattered dark spots here and there, just like everybody else, but one of the many things that guy of mine has taught me is to not focus on the bad, in fact don't even think of it. We have had such a go of it so far and this life we have is just wonderful and crazy and perfect.
I was looking through wedding photos last night and I was feeling nostalgic. Shocking, right? Not just for my "bride body," (which should be mourned, wow!) but for all the souls who were there then that aren't here now. Ten years is not a small amount of time. It's a decade. The whole world can shift and change and right itself back again, even if it is all a bit different. Our one constant though has been each other, and this family that we have worked so hard to build and that clearly, means the most to us. 
I married up, I know that. I could not imagine our lives any other way, then how it is at this very moment. Sending kids off to school.... Volunteering here or there. Spending our lunches together laughing about how someday they will be quiet ones.... And wrapping up our day with going to Hersheypark with friends. Totally typical right?
Don't worry, we're actually going to go celebrate the milestone of ten years tomorrow. And we are looking forward to it! Anyways, happy tenth anniversary my love! You're just the very best. I'd be one sad, lost panda without you. 

And can we all just take a moment to remember how far digital photography has come in the last ten years??? Okay, I kid, I kid. But really.

How we met here. Wedding recap here. And hey a honeymoon!



Halifax was the bigger of the two ports we visited on our cruise. I knew nothing about our ports prior to our visit, really. Halifax boasts among many things, the "Titanic Cemetery" as it's referred to that unfortunately I could convince no one to go to with me. Here I'll never go to Halifax again and will have forever missed my chance at seeing a real life grave of a Titanic victim. Are you feeling guilty yet Matt? Are you????

And yes, here is another cruise sunrise for your viewing pleasure...
But what we did do was we got off the ship and wandered around downtown, along their harbour walk which was quite pretty. We visited some very beautiful public gardens and let the little ones stretch their legs. Afterwards while getting coffee with my dad, sister and brother our little ones were approached by a homeless man wanting their McDonald's. Which Dom kindly offered him his half eaten nugget. Which the man took. I can't even with that.

We headed back towards the water and stopped for a drink at a place called The Stubborn Goat while my parents watched the kids run around the playground. Thank you thank you to them! And Beth and Rob who also joined them. Those non-drinkers that they are. Wink wink.
After we walked miles and miles we decided it was time to head back on board to Guy Fieri's burger joint. I miss that place....