zoo america!

Can you believe we haven't hit up the zoo since like, forever ago? I think we went one or two other times since then but I have no documentation of said visit. Let's just say, it's been awhile. The bears hadn't even come out of hibernation yet! Anyways, it was the Saturday of the holiday weekend and the kids were at each other since practically dawn and we just knew we couldn't stay home the whole day. It wasn't warm enough for the pool... we knew the park would be a mad house and so the zoo it was. Lunch packed and out the door we went!

On a side note here, I used to be all like oh Letty will always take a packed lunch from home, why would anyone spend $11.25 per week for cafeteria food... blah blah eating my words because by the end of her first three days in school I was all, I get it! This is a pain! All I do is pack lunches! I was looking forward to not packing any lunches over the holiday weekend... and so naturally.... we did a picnic lunch twice. Sigh.

Anyways! We saw bears and snakes and giant spiders and elk and wolves and probably turtles doing questionable things but it was good! Such a gorgeous day to be out and about and lunching right in front of the animals. How rude of us, I know.



  1. all i can think about is the jerry mcguire convo "i wanna go to the zoo" "the f*cking zoo's closed ray" lol i cannot help myself. anyway looks like a fun day! and packing sucks yes but well, $. i get it.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. There is a wolf right by Letty's sweet beautiful head.

    And it's not really fair y'all have elk at your zoo.

    Too cool for the pool? Is it not 97 degrees still?

    Y'all zoo is beautiful.

    I had cold brew coffee this morning.

  3. Oh my your beautiful adorable family! love! All the love! xoxo B

  4. i love the zoo!!!!! and. lunches. ahhh. no. noooo. what a pain!! but i always think lunch is a pain. even at home!! haha!!

  5. oh my gosh, i can totally see how packing lunches would get annoying. i get annoyed making lunch for KC and myself.
    your zoo looks super fun!

  6. Your zoo sounds awesome! And I feel you on the lunches. Mason is a picky eater and never wants to buy lunch.

  7. We still have not gone this year! There's always next year...feels like I say that often haha. So are you still packing lunch for letty? :)


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