was this the last trovato pool day?

Happy Labor Day first of all! Let's just take this summer out with a bang shall we?

Maybe with another pool day? Possibly! Pool days! These were a new addition this summer and I just love them. My siblings that could make it would come and we would bring out quite the spread (both food and drink wise) and just sit on the deck and hang out and laugh and the babies would splash in the kiddie pool and the big kids would show off in the big pool for their aunts and uncles... The babies would go down for their three respective naps in three respective rooms upstairs and the party would continue down on the deck with the rest of us... and come the end of the day we would head on in, crispy and happy and probably hungry again.

This day was over a week ago...
They're good days. We are still trying to convince Poppop to put in a pool so the fun can happen right in front of him at his own home.... Come on dad!



  1. come on, poppop!!! put in a pool! family pool days are THE best, aren't they?! this is my kind of heaven, right here!!! and all those kiddos. i'm jeal! i need my siblings to get their lives together. ;) ;) these photos are perfection! happy LDW!!

  2. I love outdoor spaces for fun things! I'd love a big ol' covered porch, for the shade. We were at a bbq with 7 kids running around yesterday, such a blast.

  3. all the pool time. i feel like mr trovato just needs to put in the pool. i mean you guys would be living at their house then. or maybe that's not the most ideal haha. i love all the kiddos in suits. so cute :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. What a great summer you all had! I love and adore all of these photos. A perfect description of summer! I don’t think I’ve ever told you, but I adore the freckles on Letty’s nose. And girlfriend has the best topknot!

  5. Now that is a legit looking pina colada! And all that food...yum! Great pictures..all the kids are so cute!


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